Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tormenting Monkeys

I am writing this curled up happily on a nest of couch pillows that are cradling my aching back. Despite a chiropractor visit the other day, my lower back decided that it was going to throw a sulking fit and hurt all day. My brother gave me a back rub this morning while Erasmus threw a Basset fuss because I was getting all the attention: he kept pawing at me and whining irritably for attention while I lay face down on the carpet and Seth dug his thumbs into my lumbar region. 

Since sitting at my desk is horribly uncomfortable, I am typing away on my couch and thanking my blessings that I don't have to be slaving away in an office. Yesterday, the Horizon was heading to Gibraltar, a towering mountain of rock honeycombed with tunnels and reaching high into the heavens. Gibraltar is right on the southern tip of Spain and on a clear day, you can see Morocco on the other side. I was in Gibraltar a few months ago after coming back from Spain, and I encountered a group of thieving Barbary apes - see the video below...

Therefore, I am planning for a Barbary ape to sneak on board the Horizon after she has docked to refuel - apparently Gibraltar was an important coaling station in the 19th century. The ape will cause some mayhem and amusement for Captain Robert and crew until it is apprehended. 

If you are in the mood to support some steampunk, do wander over and check out this film project  These good folks are in need of your support and contribution, so check it out today. 

Yesterday I had some friends over to play the card game Gloom and we decided that a steampunk version of Gloom would be fantabulous. I am in the middle of thinking up ideas for this game - you would certainly need a family of airship pirates, perhaps a gypsy steampunk family, and a family of mad scientists. 

Okay, Chapter 13 is awaiting creation and the Horizon is sailing towards Gibraltar! I must away!


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  1. I hope you feel better. I love the idea of the monkey on the ship. Way to incorporate real life experiences into your writing!