Friday, September 21, 2012

Pictures and Chapters!

Today has been rather interesting, and it is only 8:22 am. First of all, I haz pictures!

The picture and several others are courtesy of Guy Rish and can be seen at (

More exciting news is that you can read, distribute, praise, criticize, swoon over, and generally imbibe Chapter 1 of Steam on the Horizon at this link

Third exciting news is that my Kickstarter account is now live!   I won't be promoting it very heavily until I have my video posted and my media printed, both which will happen in the next couple days. But it is live, so check it out and make your pledge so I can get Steam on the Horizon written and available!

Today's task, get the Horizon coaled up and ready to fly in the Gibraltar port - she is probably heading to Tangier, Morocco next. I was in Tangier back in April and Tangier has a long, colorful history. It has been an international tax free zone for decades, tempting profiteers, spies, and other characters to its borders, and it will be a perfect place for my motley crew of steampunk airmen to find work, intrigue, and danger!

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