Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spotlight Time!

I write this with numb fingers and eyes at half-mask courtesy of a poor night sleep which itself was courtesy of the insomnia I inherited courtesy of my mother. I had let my Basset Hound Erasmus up on my bed last night which I rarely do, and he had quickly claimed about 7/8th of my queen-sized mattress as his territory. Perched on the edge of the mattress he grudgingly allotted to me, I twitched and turned restlessly for hours and I could practically hear him think, "Geeze, Mom, would you stop wriggling?" Eventually due to back pain and desperate, I ended up falling asleep on the floor. As I finally fell into slumber, I realized the humor of the situation: I was on the floor with just a blanket and Erasmus was the one on the bed.

However, despite fatigue, today is a momentous day for I now have my posters!

Starting tomorrow, I will be descending upon every coffee shop, costume store, and relevant mercantile to beg permission to post these babies. My plan is to actually go in steampunk costume to help draw more attention to my plight. Right now, I stand at 3% funding on so it is chugging along nicely.

Currently I am trying to work out an "elevator pitch" for my project and book, but that is a challenge because I first have to explain steampunk, which is not easily defined in a few seconds, then explain my trilogy which is also complex. I suppose I could simply parse it down to, "Gimme some money and I will write a totally kick-butt trilogy with airships, explosions, dogfights, love triangles, and death warrants."

Tomorrow's project is working on the military bustle I am creating for the Military Ball - pictures forthcoming!

Okay, now time for a nap!

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