Saturday, August 4, 2012

Steampunk Jewelry

Annnddd, voila! Necklace is done! I have to treat it very carefully as it is held together with thread and elfin magic, but since it is steampunk jewelry, it gets a special place of honor in my basement/steampunk costume factory instead of suffering the fate of my normal jewelry which is to get wadded up inside my jewelry box to form impressive, Gregorian knot tangles.

I'm also working on these guys here.....

They are theoretically supposed to clip onto regular glasses but in fiddling with them today, I've discovered that "clip on" is a fairly loose term and the darn things will not clamp on securely. Plus, the clip looks pretty clunky as it.  I think I shall have to remove the lenses from their clip on base, then solder them to a pair of theatrical glasses in order for them to be securely fastened and look appropriately steampunk. I got these here lenses at Harbor Freight, a huge "big boy toy store" as my father would deem it, and I was directed there by my eye doctor. During a checkup, I spotted some individual lenses like this on the table and asked him if he had any spare he could give me. He instead told me about the ones at Habor Freight, and I got to give him a summary of what steampunk is. His receptionist had seen an episode of "Castle" that featured a steampunk group, and I am running into more people today that have heard of the genre.

However, quite often I get completely blank looks when I mention steampunk, and my ham-fisted efforts to explain the genre usually degenerate into me saying, "Steampunk is an excuse for grown adults to dress up in funny costumes and run around in public being exceedingly silly. Go Google steampunk and that will give you a really good idea of what we do."

Ask 50 steampunks to define "steampunk" and you will get a variety of answers. What do you all say when people ask you to explain what steampunk is?

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