Monday, November 5, 2012

Emerald City Steampunk Expo Funny Quotes

Here are just a few of the many hilarious things I heard at the con

Captain Robert (at a table with Abney Park and Unwoman/Erica): "Erica was talking about her strap-on cello which reminded us of Kristina's strap-on keyboard. Erica said, 'When I first got my strap on, I practiced along in my room for a week.' Kristina replied. 'I need to practice with my strap on.' Erica said, 'We should practice together!' Every guy at the table was rolling on the floor."

Musician with crazy curls and enormously big hair talking to me: "You know, if we get together and it works out long-term, we gotta think about the kids. Would you really want to curse a kid with BOTH of our hair?"

Con goer to me: 'You just got mentioned on my Facebook update. I wrote, 'I just saw River Song bellydancing to Abney Park. My life is amazingly weird."

Tee during a panel: "Take Daniel Craig, put him in an Armani suit, and give him a martini and I'm like, 'Dude, I'm straight but I'd go to bed with you!"

Me and Charles (1:15 am at the tail end of a long car ride): Charles: "You should date Peter. He's a great guy, just turned 21." Me: "Have they dropped yet?" Charles: "Testicles don't actually drop during puberty. That's a common misconception."

I love cons. They are awesome!

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