Monday, February 18, 2013

New Costume!

Last Saturday, I happily donned my latest steampunk creation and sashayed off to the Steampunk Society of Nebraska's annual Valentine's Day Social. Here are a few shots of my finalized costume.

The last picture is a work shot - I decided to wear my costume to work for kicks and giggles. As I strode around the com floor, coworkers raised their eyebrows, gaped, and smiled to see what I was wearing. I got a few, "What the &%#@ are you doing?" and several, "Ohhhh! That is so lovely!" A few coworkers had heard of steampunk before, and it was fun talking about the genre to everyone. I wandered around for a few minutes, then changed, much to the dismay of several people who hoped I would keep wearing the costume. I declined, since sitting in a corset for several hours is not an experience I wish to repeat.

The only regret I have is that I was not able to make the teardrop had I had planned - time and finances conspired against me, and I made do with a mini bowler hat I had in my steampunk lair/craft room. However, I have full intentions of donning this costume again, so my next steampunk project is making the hat. The completed outfit will be perfect for upcoming steampunk cons.

On the writing front, I met with my graphic artist today to discuss cover art for "Steam on the Horizon". We have tentatively settled on a date of April 15th for everything to be completed. This gives me slightly under two months to finish revising and editing, have other people give their input, then format the book and arrange for other issues before making it available. Hopefully, I can have everything ready sooner than that but I am learning that the process of writing and publishing a book is a long and arduous one that requires far more time than one might expect. Years ago, a family member of mine outlined a book idea he had and then idealistically stated that he could probably write it in one weekend. Even then, I knew enough to laugh hysterically, and I would laugh all the more maniacally now.  

A dear friend of mine just sent me a round of suggestions she has for the draft, so the next day or two will see me plowing through these ideas and applying them to "Steam on the Horizon". Currently I feel quite good that my current draft is strong. However, it is so easy to overlook gross mistakes and obvious plot holes in your own writing, so I have no doubt my comitatus of beta readers will point out an abundance of problems in dire need of rectifying.

On the non-steampunk front, I'm down to 152.8 lb. thanks to the Candida Diet! A week or so should see me below 150 lb for the first time in more than two years. I have not been 100% faithful with the diet (today I happily scarfed down Panera's creamy tomato soup with croutons and a baguette) but I did end up eating three salads yesterday and I have been so consumed with my many creative activities that food has been a minor priority. In the past, I've always scoffed at people who say they are so busy that they forget to eat, disbelieving that such a fundamental human necessity could so easily slip one's mind. Now as a more experienced adult, I am occasionally seized by fits of creative absorption which so enthrall my mind and senses that they serve as an internal energy reserve I can use as fuel.

When I donned my corset Saturday, I was pleased to see that the bottom portion nearly touched when I pulled the laces tight. I may be needed a new corset, which is cause for both celebration and sadness. While I am glad for the weight loss, I don't relish having to break in a new corset, especially when this one is finally comfortable! At least I will soon be able to match the measurements of my dressmaker's dummy!

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