Tuesday, October 23, 2012

River Song Journal and Pants

Okay, my River Song journal is now complete and is ready for lots of scribblings inside.

The only thing I wish I would have done differently is not use oil paint. I just read that oil paint can take days to dry and my journal is still not quite dry yet: I get a bit of blue on my hands when I handle it. Hopefully by Sunday it will be completely dry as the Steampunk Society of Nebraska has a photoshoot and I want to wear my River Song costume then.

Making pants for River Song was easy - I simply took a pair of brown pants I had and added three black stripes on the side.

I glued the ribbon strips down to hold them, then put in a loose running stitch so that I can remove the strips in the future if I wish.

Next blog post will show the gaiters I am making and have a final view of the goggles, and then I am done! I'm registered for the costume contest at Emerald City, so we shall see if I bring home any prizes.

Exciting news - I am over 300 pages on my draft for Steam on the Horizon and am delving happily into an abundance of research sources, including a wonderful book entitled Soldier-Surgeon: the Crimean War Letters of Dr. Douglas A. Reed which has been an invaluable resource. While originally I was hoping to have the entire draft done by the end of October, that is not looking likely, not with my Indiegogo campaign and Emerald City Steampunk Expo coming up. However, the end is in sight, and I have a particularly interesting climax and conclusion planned for Captain Roberts whom, if he could read what was in my head right now, would likely wish to push me overboard. Luckily for him, he is too busy running supplies during the Crimean War and dealing with Victoria and bullets flying to be overtly worried about what his creator has plotted for him.

Tonight I will finish up my gaiters, then blog about their progress. I'm also at work on River Song's gun, but this afternoon will see me at the TV studio of the University of Nebraska at Omaha to sub in for a teacher. I used to be a teacher on an English learning TV show, and occasionally they need me as a sub, such as today. Time to get my camera makeup on!

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